Upcoming Events:

March 2014
  • 26 – Passing a New Highway Bill: How do we get there - #36263 – Laura Perrotta
April 2014
  • 23 – (ATSSA WEBINAR) Motorcycle Safety Webinar - #36958 – Mark Bloschock
May 2014
  • 21 - (ATSSA WEBINAR) The Work Zone Safety Data Collection and Analysis Guide - #33992 – Brian Chandler
June 2014
  • 4 - (ATSSA WEBINAR) Roundabouts Lessons Learned – Implementation of New Design vs. Old Design - #33535 Brian Walsh and Andy Paul
  • 25 - (ATSSA WEBINAR) Nighttime Temporary Traffic Control - #37041- Christopher Schwedtmann
October 2014
  • 1 – (ATSSA WEBINAR) WESK (What Everyone Should Know) - #33551 – Rich Bunker
Content on Demand Webinars:
Wrong Way Ramp Entry
Work Zone Traffic Control for Safe Bicycle Travel
Best Practices of Installation and Removal of TTC on Freeways
The Work Zone Life Cycle – 4 Part Webinar Series
  • - Part 1 Plan
  • - Part 2 Do
  • - Part 3 Check
  • - Part 4 Do

To register for any Live or On Demand Webinars please go to http://eo2.commpartners.com/users/atssa/index.php or call 877-642-4637

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Featured Vendor: Roadway Research

Potholes and spalled concrete are a hazard for our vehicles, a liability for property owners and a budget killer for federal, state and local governments all doing their best to stay within budget, all seeking a reliable and affordable solution for these nagging problems.

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